closet shelving

Closet Shelving


Wire Storage Systems

We offer a wide range of Rubbermaid® wire solutions that organize the linen and coat closets, the laundry and utility room - even the pantry.

Wire shelving comes in the following styles:
  • FreeSlide™ Shelving

    FreeSlide's innovative design allows hangers to glide from wall-to-wall without interruptions.

  • TightMesh™ Shelving

    With TightMesh, closely spaced wires make this shelf the perfect fit to store small items.

  • Ultra FreeSlide™ Shelving

    TightMesh provides the most stable surface for small belongings, while FreeSlide allows hangers to glide without interruption.

  • Wardrobe and Linen Shelving

    Wardrobe shelves are designed from hanging clothing while Linen shelves support stackable items.

  • Shoe Shelves

    Keep shoes organized and in easy view.

  • Stack of Shelves

    Shelf stacks can accommodate as many shelves as you need.

Wood Closets

The Melamine Storage System's Heirloom Collection™ from Rubbermaid® comes in many stlyes to match any decor and are offered in white, ivory, maple, cherry and mahogany finishes.

Features include:

  • Strong 3/4" thick shelves
  • Radius vertical panels

    Offers a soft, upscale look without sharp edges so clothes won't snag and they're safer for kids rooms.

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Strong metal drawer sides and thick drawer bottoms add up to looks that last a lifetime.

Storage islands, Built-in Hampers,Scarf and Tie racks, and Jewelry Drawers are also offered in this collection.

Wood Closets

Garage Storage Systems

Organize your garage with a combination of a rail-mounted system and modular storage units

Options include:

  • FastTrack® Rail System
  • FastTrack® Cabinets
  • FastTrack® Accessories

Garage Storage Systems