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Getting ready in the morning can be hectic, especially if your lack of closet organization causes you to sift through clutter and disorganization every day. You need quality closet design solutions to help start your day off right. B&M Insulation has just the closet organizer you need to guarantee you have an organized closet so you can find what you need quickly and easily. Be able to rest easy knowing that your custom storage closets will help your day get off to a much smoother start.

For an efficient and functional organized closet, our selection of customizable wire shelving and accessories create the best closet organization systems in Murfreesboro and the surrounding areas to help you get the most out of any closet and find the best closet for your needs. With one of our custom closet systems you can enjoy more time with family and friends instead of suffocating in disorganized chaos. In fact, you’ll want to spend that extra time showing off your closet storage solutions to all your family and friends!

Rubbermaid customizable wire shelving is easy to install without needing to do any additional cutting. This closet organization system is affordable, and the installation can be managed in under an hour. These custom closet systems can be added to any type of closet, from bedroom, linen, coat, laundry room, pantry, or other storage spaces. Anywhere that needs closet organization.

Choosing an Indoor or Outdoor Custom Closet Organizer

Do you have a need for a custom closet organizer to make better sense of your living space? B&M Insulation has the closet design systems you need. Is the clutter in your garage quickly taking over and your power tools, sports balls and bicycles are parked in place of your car? B&M Insulation can help with that, too! We offer top tier garage storage closet solutions from Rubbermaid. Garage closet storage systems can help keep garden tools and other outdoor items more organized and out of the way. Efficiently organizing your garage with a quality closet system can also keep items away from your vehicle to prevent damage. You can open your garage door with pride, knowing you are the envy of the neighborhood with your closet shelf organizer from B&M Insulation.

If you’re on the hunt for the best closet organizer systems in Murfreesboro, look no further than B&M Insulation.

Types of Closet Systems

We offer customized closet systems from Rubbermaid. Closet shelving comes in the following styles:

  • FreeSlide™ Shelving: FreeSlide’s innovative design allows hangers to glide from wall-to-wall without interruptions.
  • TightMesh™ Shelving: With TightMesh, closely spaced wires make this closet shelf the perfect fit to store small items.
  • Ultra FreeSlide™ Shelving: Ultra FreeSlide combines all the benefits of two top styles – TightMesh to provide the most stable surface for small belonging and FreeSlide, allowing hangers to glide without interruption.
  • Wardrobe and Linen Shelving: Wardrobe shelving systems are designed for hanging clothing while linen shelves support stackable items. These are perfect options for bedroom closet shelving.
  • Shoe Shelves: Keep shoes organized and in easy view with these closet shelves.
  • Stack of Shelves: Shelf stacks can accommodate as many shelves as you need in your designer closet.

Garage Storage Systems

Organize your garage with a combination of storage units. Options include:

  • FastTrack® Rail System: Attaches to wall studs, concrete or brick. This system is the foundation for all cabinets and accessories.
  • FastTrack® Cabinets: Made of durable, ¾” wood laminate. Designed to withstand moisture, nicks and stains these closet cabinets are top shelf.
  • FastTrack® Accessories: Coated with Satin Nickel epoxy to avoid chips, rust and cracks. Extra durable, made with steel construction, they are perfect for all closet systems.


A quality closet organization system can make all the difference in your home. Whether it’s adding a shoe rack under your built-in closet shelves or a full walk-in closet organizer, B&M Insulation has the perfect closet solutions for you. Upon witnessing the beauty and ease of your closet system, your friends and family will demand to know the name of your closet organizer. With a smile, tell them it’s B&M Insulation. If you live in the Murfreesboro area, contact us today for quality closet organization systems for your entire home.

Closet shelving inside a bedroom

Organized clothing and household items on wire shelving in a laundry room.

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