As much as you love your family, you don’t always want to hear them. Many families experience noise bleed from play rooms, music rooms, bathrooms and basements. This can be distracting, disruptive and trying on tempers.

Noise bleed results from hollow wall cavities. Internal wall cavities are filled with air which amplifies sound. Filling these cavities with cellulose insulation blocks this amplification and reduces noise bleed. The process involves creating small penetration points in the wall, inserting a hose and gently packing the cavity with cellulose insulation. Once the cavity is filled, the penetration point is replaced. Following the installation, you can paint these areas so the penetration points match the original wall.

Sound proofing can benefit many areas! This can include dance studios, condos and apartment complexes, music studios and master bedrooms. Sound insulation can also benefit wine cellars, where insulation also adds R-value.

If noise bleed is affecting your family, dense packed cellulose insulation can help. Contact our office to discuss your project.