Close up of spray foam insulationSpray foam insulation is a premium insulation product. Many times we are asked, “Is spray foam insulation worth it?” The answer is yes. Spray foam insulation is worth the investment. If you would like to save money over the long haul, investing in spray foam insulation is a wise choice.

By replacing your current insulation with spray foam insulation or adding spray foam insulation to a new home, your home can be more energy efficient and more comfortable than with traditional insulation alone. Here’s why:

  • Energy Savings. According to ENERGY STAR, spray foam’s combination of insulating and air sealing can help significantly reduce monthly utility bills.
  • Pollutants such as dust and pollen can enter your home through small penetration points. Insulating and air sealing reduces these pollutants and the allergens they carry. Spray foam insulates and seals air leaks in one step.
  • Sound dampening. As with other insulating products, spray foam insulation can help reduce sound transfer from both the outside and between inside rooms, creating a quieter, more relaxing home. If closed cell spray foam insulation is right for your project, your home can also benefit from additional structural strength.


Any upgrade to your home is an investment and spray foam insulation is an investment that is worthwhile. Contact the professionals at B&M Insulation with all your spray foam insulation questions.