Worker installing side wall insulationAttic insulation is important for home energy efficiency. But proper home insulation goes beyond your attic. Wall insulation helps your living space stay comfortable and also helps prevent drafts. Exterior wall insulation adds a thermal blanket around your home, increasing comfort and keeping energy bills in line.

If your home was built from 1950 to 1970, it may have little or no wall insulation. If your home does not have wall insulation, cellulose insulation is the solution. Our team can dense pack cellulose insulation into exterior walls. This process creates a full thermal blanket from top to bottom, just like in a new home. Installation is done from outside your home. Our team gently removes sections of vinyl siding, drills holes into the wall and uses a hose to blow cellulose into the wall cavities. If your home has wood siding, our team drills holes into the siding, which is replaced after installation.

Your home can be more comfortable by adding cellulose wall insulation! Contact our office to discuss your project and schedule a free estimate.