Homes and businesses need gutter systems to direct rainwater away from the building’s structure. Rain gutters help prevent water from pooling around the building’s perimeter to help reduce water-related structural damage. If you have experienced flooding in your basement and noticed that your siding is rotting, this can be an indication that you need a gutter system, gutter repairs or that your gutters may be clogged.

In addition to protecting your home’s foundation, gutters can prevent soil erosion. If water flows directly off your roof due to missing or damaged gutters, the soil around your home can wash away. Soil erosion is serious, causing settling of your foundation and leading to cracks in your structure. If you have a garden planted near the side of your home, the water from your roof can flood the soil and kill your vegetation.

When properly installed, rain gutters complement the aesthetics of your home and perform a crucial job. Don’t wait until you have a problem.  Contact B&M today to discuss adding a rain gutter system to your home.