Updated March 6, 2024

Forget cranking the AC! As Tennessee temperatures soar, embrace a smarter approach to summer comfort and energy savings: upgrade your insulation. Let’s explore why summer is the ideal time to consider insulation in Tennessee and equip you with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions for your home.

Why Summer Makes Sense for Tennessee Insulation

Smiling young girl sitting on father's shoulders, laughing and playing with mother standing behind.Does your home really need insulation during the summer months? Absolutely! During the hot summer months in Tennessee, proper insulation becomes vital in keeping your house cool and your energy bills in check. Here’s why:

Reduced Heat Gain

Proper insulation acts like a shield, blocking scorching attic heat from radiating into your living space, minimizing your reliance on your air conditioning and lowering energy bills. By preventing heat from entering, your home stays cooler naturally, reducing the strain on your air conditioner.

Improved Comfort

Say goodbye to uneven temperatures. Insulation creates a more consistent and comfortable living environment year-round. No more battling with hotspots or cold drafts, just blissful comfort throughout your home. Remember to combine insulation with air sealing to seal up small gaps and cracks for maximum results.

Moisture Control

Tennessee summers often bring high humidity levels, which can wreak havoc on your home. Insulation helps regulate moisture levels, preventing mold growth and protecting your home from structural damage. Keep your home dry and comfortable all summer long.

Long-Term Benefits

While enjoying immediate comfort and savings, you’ll also invest in your home’s value and environmental impact. An energy efficient home is not only more comfortable to live in but also more attractive to potential buyers, should you ever decide to sell.

Navigating Tennessee’s Insulation Options

When it comes to insulation in Tennessee, understanding your options is key to making the right choice for your home.

Understanding R-Values

Insulation samples with a home heat map and a calculator on a desk.R-Value measures the thermal resistance of insulation. The higher the R-Value, the better the insulating power of the insulation. Different R-values are recommended for different areas of the U.S. based on their climate zones, with Tennessee falling under climate zones 3 and 4.

Choosing the Right Material

Whether blown-in cellulose, spray foam insulation, or fiberglass, it’s important to explore the different types of insulation, their pros and cons, and which might be best suited for your needs. Consider factors like cost, durability, environmental impact, and air sealing ability to make an informed decision. Never hesitate to reach out to a professional for their expert advice.

Targeting Key Areas

Prioritize insulation in your attic for maximum impact. Most heat enters your home through the attic, so proper insulation and air sealing in this area is crucial for keeping your house cooler and your energy bills lower. Other key places to insulate and air seal include your crawl space and basement for comprehensive comfort and efficiency.

Finding Qualified Tennessee Professionals

Investing in proper insulation is only half the battle; ensuring it’s installed correctly is equally important. Hiring a qualified professional ensures that your insulation is installed correctly, safely, and provides you with the full benefits of energy efficiency and comfort.

Learn how to identify qualified and experienced professionals in your area. Look for certifications and company partnerships, read online reviews (try Anji, Yelp, and Google), and ask for references from your friends and family to ensure you’re working with trustworthy contractors who will deliver quality results.

Don’t forget about variety of financial incentives and resources available to help offset your insulation costs. Explore all the energy efficiency programs and rebates offered in Tennessee and take advantage of federal insulation tax credits through the Inflation Reduction Act. These will make your investment in energy-efficient insulation even more affordable.

Take Action for a Cooler, Greener Summer

Are you ready to beat the heat and save money on your energy bills? If so, let’s get started:

  • Schedule a home energy audit: Gain personalized insights into your home’s insulation needs and potential savings. A professional energy audit can help you identify areas for improvement and prioritize upgrades for maximum impact.
  • Request free quotes: Compare options and find the best value for your Tennessee home. Get quotes from multiple contractors to ensure you’re getting competitive pricing and quality service.
  • Invest in your comfort and future: With proper insulation, enjoy a cooler, more comfortable summer while reducing your energy footprint and not breaking the bank.

Beat the Heat with B&M Insulation

Don’t let the hot Tennessee summer get the best of you. With proper insulation in your attic and throughout your home, you can keep cold air in and hot air out, while saving money on your energy bills. Invest in your comfort and future by upgrading your insulation and air sealing today.

At B&M Insulation, we take pride in our work and our customer service. We’ve been delivering top notch insulation products and services to our Middle Tennessee community since 1976. Our mission is to create a more energy efficient community one insulated home at a time. Beat the heat this summer, and every summer, with quality installed insulation in your Murfreesboro home. Contact us today to learn more about our insulating options and receive your free estimate.