Updated May 2, 2024

Worker installing insulation inside an atticIn Murfreesboro, Nashville, the whole of Middle Tennessee, we enjoy our vibrant community life and picturesque landscapes. But along with our cities’ charms come the challenges of changing weather. From unexpected bone-chilling winters with frozen pipes and ice dams to scorching summers that have us melting like snow, we know, as Murfreesboro residents, the importance of home protection against the elements. But one crucial aspect that’s often overlooked but is highly impactful is proper attic insulation. Let’s explore some reasons why attic insulation is a wise investment for your new or existing home, especially in the face of Murfreesboro’s climate.

Reason #1: Slash Your Energy Bills

With Murfreesboro’s weather fluctuations, you never know when a mild winter day will drop to below freezing or a sweltering summer day will bring a heat wave. During these seasons, your HVAC system works tirelessly to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors, often leading to soaring energy bills. However, by adding insulation to your attic, you can significantly reduce the amount of energy your HVAC system consumes. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Tennessee homeowners can save an average of 15% on their annual heating and cooling costs by insulating and air sealing their attics. With proper insulation, you can effectively combat the transfer of warm air during winters and keep the heat out during summers, making your home more energy efficient year-round. Which leads us to reason #2.

Reason #2: Year-Round Comfort

Attic insulation provides more benefits than simply reducing energy bills; it also ensures year-round comfort for you and your family. By insulating and air
sealing your attic against air leaks and using insulation materials like spray foam, cellulose, or fiberglass, you create a barrier that smooths the effects of extreme weather patterns. Whether it’s keeping the warmth in during winter or preventing heat from seeping in during summer, proper insulation and air sealing helps maintain a consistent and comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year. On to reason #3.

Reason #3: A Healthier and More Eco-Friendly Home

Man sitting in sun rays on the couch in the center of a minimalist living area.Murfreesboro’s spring brings not only blooming flowers but also seasonal allergies thanks to tree pollen. And with summer’s notorious humidity, grass pollen isn’t far behind. And don’t forget about all the weeds in the fall. Thankfully, adding proper insulation in your attic, combined with air sealing, can play a crucial role in helping reduce the risk of allergens and pollutants that infiltrate your home and provide a healthier indoor environment for you and your family. Even better, by reducing the amount of energy your HVAC system consumes, you contribute to a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle, benefiting both your household and the planet. That’s something that will help you breathe a little easier at home.

Call on a Company You Can Trust

Before the brutal Murfreesboro summer days arrive, now is the time to take proactive steps to improve your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and overall well-being by air sealing and adding insulation to your attic. Consider contacting a reputable local contractor like B&M Insulation to assess your attic space and provide expert advice on air sealing your attic and choosing the right insulation materials. By investing in proper insulation now, you’ll not only save money on your energy bills but will also enhance the comfort and sustainability of your home for years to come.

Homeowners throughout Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee have counted on us for expert insulation products and service since 1976. We’re ready to put our decades of experience to work for you too to ensure your home is energy efficient and ready for every kind of weather. Don’t wait until the next heatwave or cold snap hits, contact us today to learn more about our insulating and air sealing options for your greater Nashville area home and receive your free estimate.