Updated May 31, 2024

Worker installing insulationIn the heart of the South, Middle Tennessee boasts a climate that presents unique challenges to home owners. From sweltering summers with high humidity to surprisingly chilly and wet winters, finding the balance of comfort while managing energy costs can be a constant struggle. Thankfully, proper insulation, especially fiberglass insulation, emerges as a crucial solution, offering year-round comfort, energy savings, and reduced environmental impact.

The Power of Fiberglass Insulation

What makes fiberglass insulation such a good choice for your home? First, its structure, composed of fine glass fibers, acts as a barrier to resist heat flow, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature regardless of the weather outside. Second, its R-value (the measure of heat flow and insulating power) proves particularly effective in Tennessee’s diverse climate zones (more on those soon), providing significant energy savings and cost benefits over time. Plus, fiberglass insulation puts less stress on your HVAC system for a smaller carbon footprint.

Top Fiberglass Insulation Applications for Tennessee Homes

During our changing weather, your attic becomes a battleground for energy efficiency. A properly insulated attic with fiberglass, whether blown-in or batt insulation, will prevent heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, making your home more energy efficient year-round. Similarly, insulating your exterior and interior walls and basement (if you have one) ensures reduced heat transfer, enhancing overall comfort and energy efficiency.

For the many historic and older homes throughout the Murfreesboro area, the need for adequate insulation is essential. Unfortunately, many older homes in our area lack sufficient insulation, leading to increased heating and cooling costs. Whether your home is made of wood, brick, or concrete, or is old or new, it will benefit significantly from the addition of fiberglass insulation in your attic, walls, and basement.

Choosing the Right Fiberglass Insulation for Your Tennessee Home

When considering which type of insulation is right for your home, here are some more things to know about fiberglass insulation.

Types of fiberglass

Worker installing blown in insulationFiberglass insulation comes in batt and loose-fill forms, each suited for different applications within your home. Fiberglass batts, which are spun pieces of silica in blanket form, are ideal for floors, attics, walls, and ceilings. Loose fill, or blown-in fiberglass, is perfect for both large spaces and hard-to-reach areas with irregular shapes to ensure comprehensive coverage and effective thermal performance.

R-Value recommendations

When choosing a type of insulation, consider its R-value, which measures its ability to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation. Each part of your home requires a specific R-value, determined by your state’s climate zone (e.g., the Department of Energy places Tennessee in climate zones 3 and 4). These recommendations help you select the right insulation thickness for optimal energy efficiency. Remember that different insulation types, such as fiberglass batts, loose fill, or spray foam insulation, have varying R-values. Check out Tennessee’s insulation requirements for homes for specific R-values.

Fiberglass with Air Sealing

While fiberglass is a cost-effective insulator, its woven fibers don’t prevent air from escaping through small gaps and penetration points in your home. Combining fiberglass insulation with air sealing is an ideal and necessary solution to prevent air leakage and infiltration for maximum energy savings.

DIY vs professional installation

While you may consider DIY installation, professional insulation installation ensures optimal performance and maximum safety precautions and is always the wisest choice.

Local Resources & Incentives

In the Murfreesboro area, look for reputable insulation contractors, like B&M Insulation, that offer expertise in properly installing fiberglass insulation. Additionally, research local and federal resources that provide incentives or rebates for insulation upgrades. Here are a few to check out:

Create a Home with Year-Round Comfort

Smiling young girl sitting on father's shoulders, laughing and playing with mother standing behind.Remember, in Tennessee’s dynamic climate, proper insulation is essential for reducing energy costs, enhancing comfort, and creating a greener environment. By harnessing the power of fiberglass insulation, you can reap the benefits of a more comfortable and energy-efficient living space.

At B&M Insulation, we’ve been serving our Murfreesboro community and beyond since 1976. We’re ready to enhance your home’s comfort and energy efficiency with our top quality insulation services too.

Tina, a local homeowner, had this to say about her recent insulating experience with B&M Insulation:

“They were very professional when they did the installation of the insulation, and even put batting insulation on the access door to the attic. They even took pictures of the attic so that I can see their work and they installed measuring sticks to see the depth of the blown-in insulation. I would recommend them to anyone!!”

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